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Bass Lures, Bream Lures, Cod Lures and other small to medium size estuary and dam fishing lures

Small fishing lures for fishing in both fresh water and saltwater fishing situations. We carry a wide range of small surface lures, diving lures and crank bait style lures for catching a range of fish which may include: Australian bass, bream, flathead, Perch, yellow belly and whiting just to name a few.

Brands we carry  for catching such fish are: Halco, RMG, Predatec lures, East Coast lures, river 2 sea lure, heddon lures, Rapala lures, Smak, Viking lures, merlin lures, Koolabung lures, Kokoda lures, mega bass lures, cultiva lures & owner lures.

We now Stock Jackall Lures Such as the Jackall TN60 and the Jackall Chubby fishing lures.


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bass lures

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Diving and shallow swimming lures    surface lures   bibless crank bait fishing lures   RMG 50mm Poltergiest Cod Lures